Rabu, 04 September 2013

Lumber Wizard 4 Laser Line Metal Detector Wand With Free Little Wizard 2

Lumber Wizard 4 Laser Line Metal Detector Wand With Free Little Wizard 2

  • Lumber Wizard 4 and Free Little Wizard
  • A Powerful Metal Detector Designed Specifically For Wood Workers
  • Pinpoints Metals Exact Location
  • Works On All Types Of Woods, Particle Board and Solid Woods and Plastics
  • Detects Nails and Screws Inside All Types of Wood or Other Materials.

Anyone who has worked with wood long enough to ruin a blade or two knows there are hidden nails, screws, fasteners, and other small metal objects buried inside not just used lumber but new lumber as well. This combo pack for Wizard Detectors is designed to protect your planer, jointer, router, and saw blades by detecting those hidden hazards before they become costly inconveniences. The Lumber Wizard provides a wide 6-inch scanning path and powerful detection. The unit can be set to vibrate whenever it encounters a piece of hidden metal, making it ideal for use in noisy workshops. An audio alert is also available and can be turned on or off independently of the vibrating one. The Little Wizard provides a 2-inch scanning path and is ideally suited for shallow detection on smaller jobs. Unlike its larger cousin, the Little Wizard doesn’t have a vibrating mode, but it does give off an audio alert whenever it encounters a hidden obstacle in your lumber.--Carl Thress

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