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Cyber Q Wifi BBQ Guru for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo

Cyber Q Wifi BBQ Guru for Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo


CyberQ Wifi is our most advanced control to date. It has a built in Wifi web server to allow remote access from your mobile device or PC. This control has one pit probe and 3 food probes that come standard with the control. Probes, fans and adaptors are compatible with our other controls.

CyberQ WiFi Features

Built in Wifi Web Server allows remote access from your mobile device or PC
2.4 GHz, IEEE Std. 802.11bTM, Wi-Fi� certified (WFA ID: WFA7150)
16 Character by two line backlit LCD display
Email Alert Capability
Rugged, armored high-temperature pit and food (meat) probes
Controls your pit and monitors up to 3 food (meat) temperatures
All new full-time adaptive control algorithm learns your pit to control better stability / accuracy
Open lid detect senses when the pit's lid is open to minimize the temperature disturbance and recover quickly to the setpoint, can be turned on /off (default is ON)
Exclusive low and slow ramp down feature (cook and hold) ramps your pit down on rising food (meat) temperatures, so your food (meat) never overcooks
Scrolling display shows all of your temps, time, and status
Audible alarm sounds on food (meat) done (default is ON)
Adjustable deviation alarm sounds when your pits temp goes either too high or low
Real time blower status indication and output % helps you to measure fuel use
Display in degrees F or C
User adjustable # of beeps setting
32 to 475 deg F range with +/- 2 deg F accuracy
Runs on 100-240VAC (for worldwide use) or 12VDC for automotive supply use

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