Senin, 16 September 2013

Cobb CB220 Premier Kitchen-In-A-Bag

Cobb CB220 Premier Kitchen-In-A-Bag

  • Burns for 3-hour on 8-regular charcoal briquettes
  • Cool to the touch on the outside while up to 450-degree inside
  • All stainless steel and includes carry bag
  • Include 6 popular cobb additions. Wok, pan, griddle, roasting rack, dome extension with chicken rack and carry bag
  • Time magazine invention of the year

This unique light-weight cooking system is simple to use and maintain. It cooks for up to 3 hours on only 8-10 charcoal briquettes, getting to temperatures of 450 degrees on the interior while remaining completely cool to the touch on the outside. The Cobb Premier Grill includes a heavy-duty carry bag, Grill Grid , Lifting Fork and instructions. A cookbook filled with delicious recipes and cooking instructions is available for free download or purchase (pay only 5 S and H) after you register your warranty on The Cobb Premier Cooking system is the latest version of the Cobb with a fully stainless steel mesh base. The ultimate addition to any Boat, RV, Camp Site or apartment balcony. Approved by the South African Heart Foundation, the COBB's unique design allows fat and grease to drain into the flavor well for healthy cooking. The COBB cooking system is virtually smokeless, since the fat and oil drain away from the fire. The Cobb was one of Time magazines inventions of the year for 2001. For more information on the Cobb or for dealer inquiries please visit. This huge bundle includes. The Cobb Premier Stainless Steel Grill and Carry Bag, The Cobb Wok, The Cobb Skillet/Pan, The Cobb Fenced Roasting Rack (New), The Cobb Griddle, The Cobb Dome, Extension with Chicken Rack (New). Includes Grill and Smoker with wok, pan, griddle, roasting rack, dome extender and chicken rack.

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