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CoverMates Square Bar Table / Chair Covers : 92 x 92 x 40 Khaki

CoverMates Square Bar Table / Chair Covers : 92 x 92 x 40 Khaki

  • Made from 300D stock-dyed polyester, our most popular material
  • Adjustable drawcord to cinch cover tight
  • Built-in mesh vents for airflow
  • Protects furniture from the elements
  • 3-year warranty

Looking for hard to find squarebartable and chair covers? Well, you've come to the right place! Among our assortment of over 30 sizes and shapes of outdoor table and chair covers is our CoverMates Elite Square Table and Chair Cover. This high-quality cover is specifically constructed to protect both your table and your chairs from dust, dirt, rain, snow, leaves, bugs, rodents, tree sap, bird droppings, ultra violet rays from the sun and anything else Mother Nature can come up with. We recommend that our outdoor table and chair covers be used year-round to protect and actually extend the life of your valuable patio table and chair sets.CoverMates Square Bar Table and Chair Covers are available in a 92"L x 92"W x 40"H size and are made with our premium grade khaki color polyester. Our polyester material is the popular choice with our customers and an excellent choice for use outside for three reasons:It is specially treated to make it highly water-resistant, yet breathable. Covers that breathe are better than "waterproof" covers because they allow moisture a way to escape instead of being trapped underneath. This may cause possible mold, mildew or rust formation. Polyester keeps its soft and supple characteristics during the cold winter months, while other less costly materials can get stiff and brittle. Polyester is a woven fabric and therefore much lighter than other materials. This makes putting your cover on and taking your cover off a snap. Listed below are other features of our CoverMates Elite Square Table and Chair Cover:Neutral khaki beige color is certain to blend with any patio d├ęcor Special chemical treatment maximizes water-resistance Mesh vents help eliminate mold and mildew and can also prevent the cover from blowing around on windy days Strong elastic bottoms and special draw cords will keep the cover neatly in place Industry-leading 3-year warranty on our Elite outdoor table and chair covers.

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