Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

SWING'N Smoke MVP-8412 RV

SWING'N Smoke MVP-8412 RV

  • Includes: same components as SWING'N Smoke MVP-8412 Swing-Out Grill Configuration, Plus the 4"x 4" Bumper Brackets.

A word about our grill; the MVP Grill is a high performance grill designed for the cold North East and heats well in all climates however if you are using this grill in the warmer climates you may in some instances need to leave the middle burner off and run the outer burners on low. An optional variable rate adjustable flow regulator is available for purchase which takes five minutes change out with and adjustable wrench. This regulator will take the grill temperature down to as low as you can possibly grill with, for more information see the variable flow regulator in all products and accessories.

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