Senin, 10 Juni 2013

30"x57' Mexican Thatch Runner

  • High Quality Mexican Thatch
  • Palm thatch panels are constructed by taking natural palm leaves, making them into strips and then curing them.

Mexican Palm Thatch Runner Roll 30" H x 60' L is crafted from natural palm leaves woven into a premium grade thatch panel. Master weavers hand-make these rolls into 30" X 60' thatch panels. Each roll is inspected to make sure that quality is the best. Thatch rolls are the most popular from our wide selection of thatch sizes. Thatch runners can be used for almost every tropical structure. It can be used to form round to square to pitched awnings.

Easy to use and install, they can be zip-tied or stapled to many roof applications. Thatch can be turned into custom sizes by just cutting it with scissors. This will not unravel the thatch and can be cut to any length or width. These Mexican thatch runner rolls can last 3-5 years depending on the weather conditions. Build a structure yourself or have a commercial builder create your tropical tiki hut or palapa. You use a base wood product then purchase thatch runner rolls online from Forever Bamboo to create a tropical roof. This commercial grade thatch can be used indoors or outdoors. Forever Bamboo, by Xcel Distribution, is proud to have a quality product and have a large inventory of premium grade Mexican thatch.

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