Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

Hayward C4001575XES Easy-Clear 1-Horsepower Pump Pool Filter System

Hayward C4001575XES Easy-Clear 1-Horsepower Pump Pool Filter System

  • Easy-Lok lid access design provides simple entry to service the cartridge element
  • Built-in check valve prevents accidental loss of pool water when cartridge is being removed for cleaning
  • Unique safety-catch prevents over tightening of the cover and unwanted entry into the filter
  • Cartridge element is uniquely designed of high quality reinforced polyester and a molded center core for easy cleaning, high flows and long life.
  • Union connection allows pump or filter to be removed quickly and easily for servicing systems

Easy-Clear full-flo element filters are designed specifically for above-ground pools of all sizes. Manufactured from high density thermoplastic materials, Easy-Clear will provide years of trouble-free operation. Performance-matched with the Power-Flo LXTM pump series, they will turnover 24,000 gallons in an eight hour period, easily handling a 24-foot round above-ground pool. Easy-Clear filters are mounted on a rugged filter base and use a special reinforced polyester cartridge engineered to provide superior water clarity with minimal care.

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