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CDT-F5 Solar Power Fan - 5 Watt solar panel & 4 inch fan #34005

CDT-F5 Solar Power Fan - 5 Watt solar panel & 4 inch fan #34005

  • Easy to install in minutes, no need for 120V wiring or a city permit. Fits 4 inch opening.
  • Since it is portable, you take it wherever you need it.
  • Powerful, quiet, 12 Volt axial 4 inch fan has a 6-wing blade mounted in a plastic ring frame.
  • Fan starts automatically whenever the sun shines on the solar panel.
  • Durable - Useful life of solar panel and fan is over 20 years.

On a sunny day, indoor temperature can rise like an oven. The CDT solar fan is designed to reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 40� F with maximum efficiency and whisper quiet operation.

The environmentally friendly CDT solar fan can provide optimal ventilation to improve air quality, minimize moisture and reduce energy costs.

CDT solar fan can ventilate up to 200 square feet of space, removing up to 120 cubic feet of hot, humid, stale air per minute.

Use it wherever ventilation is needed:

Attic, Cabin, Greenhouse ,Shed , Trailer, Basement, RV, Truck, Portable Toilet, Boat, Garage, Crawlspace, Van, Bathroom, Cargo Container.

10 feet of wiring is included.

For more information: visit CDTsolar website.

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