Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

18" Round Stainless Steel Gas Fire Pit Burner Ring Kit

  • 18 inch match-lit stainless steel burner ring kit
  • Burner ring is made of 1/2 inch tubing and has a 1/2 inch raised central hub to keep out water
  • Gas ports drilled not punched and staggered to create full vibrant flames and eliminate whistling
  • Includes 18 inch flex line, 1/2 inch flared fittings, close nipple, street elbow, valve, flange and key
  • Ready for use with natural gas, for propane (lp) gas additional components are required

Start building your custom fire pit today! Included in this kit is everything you need to put together an in-ground or above-ground match lit fire pit: a fire ring, plumbing, fittings, valve and a polished chrome key with flange. This fire pit burner kit is intended for natural gas and includes a 18" round stainless steel fire ring, which consists of two concentric rings. Each piece is neatly machine welded so parts fit together seamlessly. The central hub measures 1/2" and is raised above the rings to keep water from entering the valve or gas line. The fire ring is made of heavy .065 wall material for maximum durability and strength. Made from stainless steel, this fire ring will not rust and can be used in all outdoor environments. Burner ports are staggered to create full and vibrant flames. Each burner port is drilled, not punched, to allow the fuel to properly flow through the ring. This creates a very natural-looking flame pattern and prevents debris from building up, avoiding the annoying whistling sound that is often heard in lesser quality fire rings. This fire ring can be installed by a do-it-yourself installer or by a professional.

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