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ZipWall KT20 20-Feet Pole and Jack, 2-Pack

ZipWall KT20 20-Feet Pole and Jack, 2-Pack

  • Pro-quality and durability; sets up fast; no tape, no ladders or hydraulic jacks, no damage; build 20-Feet tall barriers in minutes
  • Height ranges from 6-Feet 9-Inch to 20-Feet; accepts sheeting up to 8 mils thick
  • Each kit 20 package contains two 20-Feet poles, 2 spring loaded jacks, 2 tethers, 2 grip disks
  • Meets strict ANSI certification for quality
  • One year warranty

The ZipWall KT20 20-Feet Pole and Jack (2-Pack) is ideal for jobs with ceiling heights up to 20-Feet It lets you create a temporary dust barrier of any length in minutes without the use of tape or staples, ladders, hydraulic jacks or scaffolding. Each Kit 20 package contains two 20-Feet extension poles, 2 spring loaded jacks, plus a tether, and Grip Disk for each pole. The Kit 20 poles extend from 6-Feet 9-Inches to 20-Feet. Poles should be placed every 8-Feet to 10-Feet or closer if there is a lot of air movement. Use a Grip Disk under each pole to secure it on smooth flooring like vinyl or wood. Consider the labor savings of a ZipWall system: A 60 foot long, 20 foot high barrier installation that took 9 hours to complete with normal methods. It also required an expensive hydraulic jack to raise the barrier sheeting. With the ZipWall system, the same barrier can be completed by two people without a hydraulic jack in just 10 minutes. It also prevents costly repairs to painted surfaces because no tape or staples are used. And it increases customer satisfaction and referrals. The SLP head and plate assembly clamp the plastic sheeting tightly; while the twist-locking telescoping pole lets you raise the sheeting to the ceiling without a ladder, hydraulic jack or scaffolding. The exclusive spring loading feature at the top of the pole lets you lift and tuck the sheeting under the foot of the pole, keeping it under tension at all times. SLP poles can accept any plastic or cloth sheeting up to 8 mils thick and can support up to 110-Pound. For even better dust containment, use our Tight-Seal accessories with Kit-20 poles. ZipWall is a registered trademark of ZipWall LLC.

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