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Virtual Sun VS1000DS 1,000-Watt Grow Light Kit With Digital Ballast

Virtual Sun VS1000DS 1,000-Watt Grow Light Kit With Digital Ballast

  • Includes (1) - 1000 watt high pressure sodium bulb - 125,000 lumens high output - color temperature: 2,100k - avg. life 20,000 - 24,000 hours
  • Includes (1) - 1000 watt metal halide bulb - 110,000 lumens high output - avg. life 10,000 hours
  • Both bulbs increase light output by 10% over standard bulbs = 10 % more plant growth. 30% more blue/violet provides better range for your plant.
  • Digital ballast ballast is 120/240v, but comes with a 120v cord
  • Includes timer and adjustable hanger system

Wouldn't it be great to grow the most perfect, juicy pesticide free tomatoes in the dead of winter? Virtual Sun lighting systems are great indoor grow light kits designed for the beginner as well as the seasoned home hydroponics pro. This kit is perfect for indoor gardening or seed propagation. It not only helps to expedite the growing process of most plants, but also to keep all the growth factors balanced for a thriving harvest. This kit includes all the components you need to easily and quickly set up your own indoor garden to grow flowers and vegetables year round. The Virtual Sun features an innovative cooling system where air passes directly over the lamp for maximum in-line air cooling. The housing features 6" fittings and a 95% reflective insert for maximum reflectivity and diffusion. The housing includes the built-in socket assembly and lamp cord with no wiring required.

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