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General Hydroponics RainForest 66 System - Vortex Sprayer

General Hydroponics RainForest 66 System - Vortex Sprayer

  • 17-Gallon Reservoir with Lid
  • Six 6" Lid inserts
  • 6" Plastic Cups, CocoTek Liners
  • CocoTek Caps, 3-Part Flora Kit
  • Vortex� Sprayer

The Rainforest 66 is a favorite among users who wish to grow medium to large size plants. Vortex(reg) Sprayer lifts and oxygenates the nutrient solution, and then gently distributes it over cutting's bases or root systems.The improved RainForest system now includes modular, removable inserts, allowing the user to mix and match different cup sizes. The new insert system also allows easier access to the nutrient solution. The new hexagonal design allows for more units in the same space. By early 2005 G.H. will use a new motor to drive the vaporizer which will be 12V DC and brushless. Then the motor could optionally operate using standard 12V DC solar panels mounted outdoors. Additionally, the new motors will run on much less energy, run much quieter with less vibration, and last longer than the original motors. For standard operation with normal household electricity 110 to 240V AC, a small plug-in transformer will also be provided. This unit will carry CSA/UL/CE certification on the new motor. The RainForest is G.H.s most powerful hydroponic module. Practically an exact replica of the original Ein Gedi System developed in Israel, the RainForest is designed to maximize the amount of oxygen available to plant roots. The design is simple and brilliant. Plants are suspended within special "net pots" surrounded with Hydroton. Below is an air-gap which the roots hang into and below the air-gap is the nutrient. A special motorized Vortex Sprayer lifts the nutrient up and sprays it within the air-gap. The result is the highest level of oxygen which can be attained within the root zone. For propagating cuttings or quick-starting seeds, transplants or seedlings, there is no hydroponic system that will match the performance of the RainForest. Ideal for starting plants or even for growing plants to maturity and harvest - RainForest is the ultimate. Many growers choose to start their plants in RainForest modules and later transplant them into AquaFarms or Dutch Pots

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