Senin, 08 April 2013

Cartridge Filter System for 50 Sq Ft with Energy Saving 1hp Pump

Cartridge Filter System for 50 Sq Ft with Energy Saving 1hp Pump

  • Energy Saving 1HP Pump - Saves up to 50% on electrical costs. 5amps vs. 10 on other units
  • Cartridge Filter is an oversized 50 SQ FT with heavy duty element for crystal clear water
  • Comes with all fittings, 2 six foot hoses, and pressure gauge. Ready to run out of the box.
  • Upgraded replacement for Intex Easy Set, Wet Set, Ultra Set and others
  • Ideal complete filtering system for both soft sided pools and metal wall pools.

The Advantage cartridge filter system clearly is the best choice for all above ground pools. It features a revolutionary energy saving 1hp pump that can save 50% on electrical costs while providing excellent water clarity. The filter is easy to maintain with no tools necessary to clean the filter. Experience water quality that is much better than sand filters because of superior filtering. This professional system can be used with automatic pool cleaners and vacuums with whisper quiet operations. Everything needed to run your pump comes with the unit. 1hp pump, 50 sq ft filter with element, 2 six foot hoses, all fittings needed, hose clamps and 115 volt cord. You can buy with confidence with our award winning support and service via telephone or the web.

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