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1000w watt HPS MH electronic digital dimmable ballast. Best hydroponic 1000watt ballast - iPower

1000w watt HPS MH electronic digital dimmable ballast. Best hydroponic 1000watt ballast - iPower

  • 100V ~ 265V wide range with 120v/240v working voltage
  • HPS and MH lamp supported transparently with micro-chip programming
  • 3 Level power setting: 50%, 75% and 100%. Saving when you need
  • Most advanced in-ballast programming chipset supporting smart ignition
  • Much more features, check production description!

Our bestseller of all time! This iPower Digital Ballast features high power factor, high luminous efficiency, adjustable wattage output, and convertibility between HPS and MH light bulbs. The iPower's high operating frequency not only ensures continuous power delivery, but also has conserving bulb life in mind. As efficient and powerful as the iPower is, its silent operation and light weight design adds to the maximum lumen any plant will ever need.
*ballast shape/color may vary

* 120/240 V supported

* Fully convertible: HPS & MH bulbs

* Three adjustable power settings: 50%, 75%, and 100%

* Zero acoustic resonance

* Anodized aluminum fins for maximized heat dissipation

* Sunlight Supply (Brand S) style output plug; Hydrofarm fixtures will need BAASP adapters

* Internal RF protection

* Internal Resin coating for long life

* Conveniently wired with standard hydroponic "S" plug

Each Ballast Comes with:

* 1x Dimmable digital ballast

* 1x Heavy duty power cord (a $10 value FREE from us)

* 1x Operating manual

* Specifications

* Operating Temperature: -40*C ~ 65*C.

* Operating Voltage Range: 100V ~ 265V.

* Power Supply Frequency: 47 ~ 63 Hz

* Operating Frequency: 25 ~ 100 kHz

* Power Factor: > 0.99

* Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 10%="">

* Crest Factor: < 1.7="">

* Dimmable Power Levels: 50%, 75%, 100%

* Dimming Control: knob

* Open & Short Circuit Protection

* Ignition Failure Protection

* Overheating Protection

* End-of-Bulb-Life Protection

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